Tekna Ingenuity on Full Display at Consumer Electronic Show

By Eric Heffernan, Senior Industrial Designer.

Tight deadlines and expanding project scopes are par for the course at Tekna’s bustling Innovation studio. Our journey to January’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas was no exception. Initially contracted by CVR Global to design a cart to house their medical device that assesses carotid artery health, we eventually tackled the sensor array and the charging dock, readying the device for public display at Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

Through the process, we found a particularly resourceful way to control the display’s lighting/charging elements—turning a former 3D printer into a CNC router so we could develop custom circuit boards in-house, saving us substantial time. Check out the method described above, below:

Consumer Electronic Show - Tekna Ingenuity - Innovation Studio

With the lighting squared away, we finished prototype development, built a custom shipping crate, handled  delivery logistics, and then traveled to the show to orchestrate set-up in Energous’ private suite (Energous supplies  RF charging technology). In the mix of products displayed, our large prototype—finished to a production-aesthetic with functional lighting—really stood out. See for yourself:

Consumer Electronic Show - Tekna Ingenuity - Innovation Studio

This year’s show had about 4,000 exhibitors, spread across 2.5 million sq. ft., visited by 180,000 people. One of the most memorable exhibits was Furrion Robotics’ “Prosthesis.” Intended for a piloted/non-autonomous robot racing league, the 14-ft. tall, 7,000-lb. robot works by amplifying the pilot’s motions and can run up to speeds of 21mph. Take a look below:

Consumer Electronic Show - Tekna Ingenuity - Innovation Studio

The overall experience of displaying our prototype at consumer electronic show has been inspiring and educational—and it’s just the first phase of the CVR project. Congrats to the team (Wade Rutkoskie, Justin Benacquisto, Adam Dudycha, Eric Heffernan, and Sarah Hollingsworth) on a job well done! Be sure to follow our blog for future developments in our innovation department.

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