RetroFit Cart

Industrial Design

We were approached by Dr. Ron Bochner with an idea for a device that wheels up to the foot of a hospital bed and enables a physician to perform optimal bedside exams with the comfort and ease of a full exam table. This concept was presented with a strong idea and a rough, wood model. The initial design phase began with extensive research and market analysis. This information was interpreted through sketching several ideas and presenting back to our customer.

Retrofit Cart Expanded View
Retrofit Cart Operational Sketches

Once a final direction was decided, the team quickly moved to full-size volume study models in order to understand the space and the storage requirements in real world dimensions.

The finished design concept was taken to our engineering department for design-for-manufacturing. This involved flushing out the details for the mechanics of the design, manufacturability, and material stress analysis. The cart is now a strong example of our team bringing an idea from concept straight through to full manufacturing.

Retrofit Cart wooden prototype
Retrofit Cart final rendering

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