Tailored to you.

Accommodating what you need and leaving out what you don’t

Knowing that growth comes in different forms, we customize our approach to your unique needs and goals. With purpose-built project teams, program management, and scalable tools (including ISO certification and an adaptable QMS), we’ll fit in where you need us or work with you across the full development process.

Prototype to Full Production

Start-Up to Global Distribution

Quick Sprints to Turnkey Development

Tekna Service User Walkthrough
Tekna Service Research Testing



Combine human-centered design with proven, business-minded development to make sure you’re identifying and solving the right problems and creating solutions that align with both the business and customer needs.

We have joined Re:Build Manufacturing’s Total production Solutions Group.

Re:Build Manufacturing has the goal of helping customers succeed with just-in-time manufacturing, for nearly any product, here in the United States. Re:Build Manufacturing is rebuilding America’s manufacturing base, developing and protecting valuable intellectual property, and creating meaningful, sustainable jobs in areas that have been deindustrialized in the United States over the past 20-30 years.

From innovation to realization.