Innovate. Collaborate. Create. Our Story of Transforming Ideas into Reality

By Mike Rozewicz, General Manager

A Place for Creators

As soon as you open the doors of Tekna, the vibrant energy immediately captures your attention The space is full of activity with people from various disciplines – engineers, designers, researchers, and manufacturers – gathered around whiteboards, immersed in computers, and having lively meetings outside. The air is filled with curiosity and excitement.

A large room with a playful mural on the wall is a reminder to embrace the innocence and childlike creativity in all of us. Often, you’ll witness a group of people with diverse perspectives moving around in this room, sticking colorful notes on large boards, and sketching vibrant designs on the walls.

Bringing Ideas to Life

The team’s love for venturing into the unknown is evident. Our designers and engineers get physical fast, quickly sketching, rendering, and assembling prototypes to confirm the viability of ideas. Ideation and early testing allow the team to fail fast and move forward to the solution more efficiently. Focusing on human-centered design throughout the entire process solidifies our confidence in creating meaningful solutions.

Balancing the Creation of Meaningful Product and Business Sense

Tekna’s secret to success lies in the seamless collaboration between research, design, engineering, and manufacturing right from the early stages. This collaborative effort ensures that manufacturability and production processes are optimized for cost-effectiveness, without compromising on the aesthetics and user experience.

By bridging the gap between visionary concepts and manufacturable products, Tekna transforms its designs into more than mere objects and experiences; they become catalysts for a better world.

With both physical and digital products, the brand and visualization team ensures that the product’s identity and story connect with the right customers, making for a more informed and meaningful brand experience.

Where Innovation Meets Realization

Moving from one building location to the next, design and creativity extend from engineering to the production floor with the goal of discovering innovative ways to make products ready for the real world. With consideration for the assembler’s well-being, production flow, and powerful lean tools, design for safe and efficient assembly comes to life.

Our quality management system, compliance with FDA and ISO standards, ensures long-term quality of the products we manufacture. With a multi-disciplinary approach, we are able to support our clients with best-in-class products across various industries, from healthcare, industrial, and consumer goods.

Fueled by midwestern grit, the tenacity and eagerness of our team drive us to ignite our innovative spirit. As we partner with Re:Build member companies, a powerful synergy emerges, amplifying our collective strength and expanding our horizons. With unwavering support from our valued partners, our capabilities grow exponentially, propelling us confidently toward what lies ahead. Together, we stand ready to venture into the uncharted territory of possibility and embrace the future with enthusiasm and determination.

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