Smoke Off 2016

Tekna's team at the smoke-off

Smoke Off 2016

Opportunity Strikes

We take design research seriously, diving head first into the culture and life surrounding our subject. And when the research involves delicious smoked meats…you better believe we signed up for the first BBQ smoke off we could find!

Smoke Off - 2016 - Tekna BBQ Competition Design Research

Living the Dream

This year was our second smoke-off competition and with a previous amateur division entry under our belt, we decided to step it up to pro. This wild BBQ ride of passion, meat sweats, and SCIENCE is anything but slowing down. Real-world experience—a hands-on approach to understanding smoking methods and techniques—has yielded design insights that could never be gleaned while sitting at a desk.

Beyond BBQ

Somewhere along the way, lost in the smoke, our quest became more than simply research. We expanded our culinary horizons, enjoying the sheer creativity of inventing crowd-pleasing concoctions. In the end, we discovered that the overall experience was about sharing…sharing mouthwatering meat with some old friends and a whole lot of new ones.

Next year is lucky number three. Come spring, you’ll know where to find us!

We've Expanded!

The Tekna sign being put on a building

We've Expanded!

We are thrilled to be settling into our new Tekna East – Realization production facility at Midlink Business Park. As Tekna’s capabilities grow, our work requires greater space flexibility. The 51,000 sq ft expansion allows us to reclaim 15,000 sq ft at our bustling Tekna West – Innovation studio.

Tekna East - We've Expanded - From Innovation to Realization

Tekna East boasts a prime location with convenient access to the I-94 corridor, as well as complimentary freight docking to simplify shipping and deliveries. Additionally, we’ve installed new technologies to enhance quality assurance processes in our production lines, such as the Faro high-precision 3D measurement and imaging arm.

Yet the most promising aspect of our expansion is Tekna’s commitment to growth. We believe this new space beautifully compliments our Innovation / Realization business vision, while better serving our diverse customer base. See for yourself the evolution of this exciting REALIZATION!