Incucyte S3

Industrial Design / UX/UI

Essen Bioscience has defined a new category of laboratory tools for life science by capitalizing on the power of time. The IncuCyte S3 Live-Cell Analysis System enables scientists and researchers to better understand behaviors and functions via live-cell experimentation.

Incucyte Product Shot
Incucyte background research

We conducted internal research with sales and marketing leaders across the organization to understand the end customer segmentation, collecting imagery of analogous products and design attributes that communicated the values of the end user.

Inspiration from end users and design attributes led to multiple concept themes that covered a broad spectrum of solutions. The silhouette of the enclosure was carefully balanced with the proportion, part break up, and CMF. The result was a cost-effective design solution that communicated a market leading technology with “one button” simplicity, and striking difference from the previous generation product.

In addition to the physical design, our work included the design of the controller and user interfaces to seamlessly deliver multiple points of entry and control in a user-centric, streamlined platform.

Incucyte historic rendering
Incucyte Screen types

In addition to improving productivity for the individual user, IncuCyte S3’s software and hardware empowers an entire research team by allowing multiple users to run multiple applications on the IncuCyte in parallel, reducing time spent waiting for an instrument to become available.

Incucyte Medical Screen
Incucyte screen readings
Incucyte screens
IDSA International Design Excellence Award
Incucyte bioenvironment
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