We've Expanded!

We are thrilled to be settling into our new Tekna East – Realization production facility at Midlink Business Park. As Tekna’s capabilities grow, our work requires greater space flexibility. The 51,000 sq ft expansion allows us to reclaim 15,000 sq ft at our bustling Tekna West – Innovation studio.

Tekna East - We've Expanded - From Innovation to Realization

Tekna East boasts a prime location with convenient access to the I-94 corridor, as well as complimentary freight docking to simplify shipping and deliveries. Additionally, we’ve installed new technologies to enhance quality assurance processes in our production lines, such as the Faro high-precision 3D measurement and imaging arm.

Yet the most promising aspect of our expansion is Tekna’s commitment to growth. We believe this new space beautifully compliments our Innovation / Realization business vision, while better serving our diverse customer base. See for yourself the evolution of this exciting REALIZATION!

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