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AvaUV is a Tekna company, born out of the need to address emerging global health and wellness issues. This line of UV products work to provide comfort that the personal and professional tools you rely on are free from potentially harmful pathogens.

With years of infection prevention and disinfection development experience, we are utilizing our experience with UVC as a way to prevent microorganisms from replicating and spreading in any environment. This extra layer of clean can be done quickly and with no training required, making it accessible to anyone.

Originally designed for healthcare, it became clear that the need extends to any industry or environment. To do this, we’ve made it effective, efficient, and convenient to use anytime.

By bringing UV forward in your disinfection efforts and into the hands of everyone, you’re not only supporting a cleaner environment, you’re empowering individuals by providing their own control over their items.

Disinfection for the personal and professional tools you rely on

If you’d like to learn more visit www.avauv.com. Fill in the form below and one of our team members will get back to you!


Industry leading UVC lamps and innovative disinfection chamber provide efficient cycle times.


Created for the tools you need and the way you work – ready to use, configurable, and scalable.


Built for success. Made in the USA by an ISO13485 Certified manufacturer.

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