Branding / Industrial Design / Animation

In an effort to inspire key business, marketing, and R&D leaders, we were hired to develop the branding and experience design for several annual strategy meetings. The brand needed to rally the division behind a new framework for the business along with communicate the goals for the following year. 

Ignite Product Shot
Ignite Hero Shot

Ignite was conceived to embody the idea that even seemingly singular events have large, dedicated teams passionately working together to accomplish a common goal.

Ignite United

Through video, transition infographics, voice overs, and supporting 2D materials, we were able to carefully craft a final experience that would captivate and inspire the audience.

Ignite nametags
Ignite Unit 2016 Notebooks
Ignite Repeated Product Shot

A specially designed, limited edition memento was handed out after the presentation to remind the team of their commitment and allow them to report back to their teams and “unite to ignite.”

Ignite Product Case

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