Mobile Command Center

Industrial Design

Multiple products or materials are often needed in order to both transport tools and have a work surface on the jobsite. The IRWIN Mobile Command Center with Integrated Work Surface provides a large, organized space for tool storage and has sturdy wheels for easy transport onto and around the jobsite. Additionally, the heavy-duty top lid is easily removable and becomes a durable work surface with a quick release of its metal legs, making it possible to always have a work surface available.

Irwin Product Shot
Irwin Job Box prototype box

We worked alongside our client’s team to mechanically solve for and package the additional functionality in a value-add, usable product. Alongside rapid sketch ideation, iterative, low fidelity mock-ups were created to explore spatial relationships between components, functionality, and feasibility.

Irwin Job Box Sketch
Irwin Job Box Standing Prototype
Irwin Job Box Wooden Prototype

Mechanical CAD models were created based on the confidence gained through rough prototyping and used to create higher fidelity models used to sell the new concept and gain excitement. CAD deliverables were used as a solid starting point for the internal development team to finalize the design and flesh out manufacturing details and cost constraints.

Irwin Job Box 3d rendering
Irwin Job Box compartments

Since its release, it has been exciting to see how customers have used the solution at home and at the job site, as well as some unintended places like campsites for storage and usage of cooking gear!

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