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Your brand is your individual identity. More than a logo, it’s the combination of all the unique facets that define your business or product. It tells your story in a way that connects you to your customers.

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Expertise across disciplines and industries to create the depth a brand deserves

As a specialized team within a design powerhouse, we work as a team, bringing together different perspectives in order to build a strong, cohesive brand. A multi-disciplinary approach and breadth of expertise provides the ability to create a more informed brand experience.

Discover and distinguish what’s unique about you and capture it

Inspired insights come from multiple points of view. We start by learning from you, hearing your story, and understanding your vision.  By researching and developing your positioning within the market, you’ll get the recognition and impact you desire and your brand will emerge defined and resonant. Then, once it’s launched, follow through to make sure it’s perceived the way you want and fits your vision for growth.

Brand Research and Positioning
Vision, Mission, Values
Tone and Voice
Nomenclature and Tagline
Logo Development

Details are what keep a strong brand identity intact

Tekna Services Branding Froebel Standards

Consistency creates a reliable brand promise

Consistent presentation is paramount to the strength of your brand. Create standards and guidelines that serve as a reference for all of your partners, ensuring the application of your brand elements are maintained across different mediums.

Connect with your audience with assets that showcase your story

MIX event Michigan presentation

Your materials are your presence

As a part of the real world, physical materials and interactions are often what will form your customer’s perception. Make your presence known, recognized, and loved.

Business Systems
PPT Presentations
Tekna Branding Posters
Elasso branding

Cross-platform digital solutions that deliver a lasting impression

Your digital presence is likely the first interaction someone will have with you. Work across platforms to foster positive engagement and interaction with your brand.

Digital Publishing
Web Design
Mobile Design
Graphic User Interface
Social Media Marketing
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Bigger impact, elevated messaging, and a stronger story through visualization

Apply different methods of visualization to take your message to the next level. Create custom graphics, animations, and illustrations to help inspire, tell a complex story, and show a product or idea in a captivating way.

Motion Graphics
Digital Rendering