Research + Strategy

Explore opportunities.

Care about what people care about

People are at the center of everything you create. Research focuses on what matters to them, driving direction and confidence in what you’re solving. Regardless of the industry or field, it leads to more inspired understanding and allows you to make better bets based on the human experience.

Research Illustration

Pair research with strategy to create what people will be excited about—including the business

Our approach is human-centered and combines observation with conversation, qualitative and quantitative. Both in the field and through in-depth interviews, gain context and understanding first-hand in order to understand the thinking, motivations, preferences, and behaviors of different people in different settings.

In-Depth Interviews

With key stakeholders for the full picture – users, team members, business leaders

Qualitative and Quantitative

Contextual and personal as well as numerical data to inform

Ethnographic Field Studies

On-site observations and interactions to see all the details


Designed for the reach of information you need

Focus Groups

Guided group discussions to understand perceptions and opinions

Bring different perspectives and skills together to lead to well-rounded insights and a stronger story

Research isn’t just one discipline or one person. It incorporates and is a part of Industrial Design, Engineering, UX Design, and even Brand work. It’s intended to not only understand people and their interactions with a product or brand, but also the processes or systems that influence it.

Findings that inform action

The insights gleaned will not only inspire you, but also lead you. They help make more informed decisions based on both meaning and data. Integrated as often as possible, it’ll test assumptions, new ideas, and iterations, finding ways to transform challenges into exciting opportunities.

Desirability Studies
Value Prop Definition
Observational Studies
Customer Feedback
Usability Testing
Formative Studies
Validation Testing
Ergonomic Analysis
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