Engineering + Development

Deliver the details.

Real solutions for real challenges

The focus on design and creativity extends through engineering in order to discover new, inventive ways to make products that are ready for the real world. To deliver truly impactful products, rely on diverse experiences and diligent research to work through new discoveries and turn challenges into innovative solutions.

Engineering Illustration

Bring the due diligence and rigor for an elegant execution

Connecting the form as embodied by industrial design and the reality of the production floor, it’s the details that carry the aesthetics and the desired user experience all the way through. We focus on the technical challenges and refinements that it takes to make a solution that is feasible, performs well, and is cost-effective. 

Broad industry exposure and proven development practices for the most regulated industries

Concept Development

A collaborative, cross-disciplinary team is an integral part of the research and design process. From drawings to rapid prototyping and early bench testing, the product architecture is established and proof of concept is realized. This ensures you’re solving the right problems, defining necessary inputs, and aligned on the direction forward.

Mechanical Requirements Development
Research, Brainstorming, and Ideation
Proof of Concept Prototypes
Early Costing Analysis
Design Inputs

Mechanical Design

Whether you’re making something new-to-the-world or working through a specific technical challenge, we can serve as your development partner, augment your team, or a combination of both. We can plug into your internal processes and procedures to design individual components, simple to complex modules as part of a larger design architecture, or a complete device or system of devices. 

Electro-Mechanical Design
Studio Engineering
3D Surfacing and Solid Modeling
Technical Drawings
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Data Translation
Patent Drawings
Tekna Engineering Heat Test


Utilizing both rapid and conventional methods of prototyping, discover design challenges early and  estimate production tooling, costs, and manufacturing time. With both in-house prototyping and, where applicable, the partnerships with production suppliers, we can streamline the process.

3D Printing

SLA/ FDM prototyping for rapid design loop cycles, early user testing, and cost estimates

Proof of Concept, Proof of Function

Evaluate ideas, demonstrate technology to investors, test with users

Full Function

Alpha and beta builds with production-intent to vet supply chain and refine design for manufacture

Product Optimization – Testing and Analysis

Throughout the development process, identify high risk items and determine relatively inexpensive ways to test their reliability. This helps set a realistic pace and avoid getting too far with one concept before you know how it really works.

Theoretical Analysis — Structural, Kinematic, Dynamic, Tolerance
System vs Subsystem
Benchtop Testing
Reliability Testing
Life Testing
Certification Testing (UL, IEC, etc.)
Protocol, Package Validation
Finite Element Analysis
Statistical Analysis
Thermal Analysis

Design for the reality of the production floor

Accounting for the assembler’s well-being and the flow of the construction, design for safe, efficient assembly. As a cross disciplinary team, engineers go from setting up CAD to production lines and quality documentation – all at the same time. A disciplined procurement process that complies with FDA and ISO standards ensures the long-term quality of a product. 

QA/Quality – Design Control Documentation
Test and Assembly Fixture Design
Service Design
Reduced Risk