User Experience Design

Create an experience.

Every interaction connects you to your customer

User experience design guides every aspect of development. It’s how you create products that are meaningful and relevant, and it spans across both the digital and physical. By applying it across all disciplines, it’ll be the full experience with a product that will shape the user’s perception.

User Experience Illustration

Start with people, learning and determining not only what’s important, but what will have the most significant impact

Combine a deep understanding of your users with your business goals to evaluate the current landscape, identify constraints, and look for areas for improved engagement and error prevention.

Holistic Product Strategy
Requirements Gathering
Formative Research
User Inputs

Provide clear direction,
plan each interaction

Throughout development, evaluate content, behavior, and form to help direct and validate. Thoughtfully designing each interaction starts with focusing on the features that matter most to your customers. The details of the design should delight and deliver a memorable product experience.

User Workflows and Task Analysis
Hierarchy Planning
Usability Testing
User Experiences Wireframes

Get real designs
from real feedback

The key to success is getting real and testing designs early and often in order to observe people’s interactions and ask questions, giving a glimpse at their behaviors and needs. Take those learnings and apply it to the next iteration to achieve the most appropriate solution that resonates with the individuals using it.

Digital Prototyping
Paper Prototyping
Feature Mapping
User Experiences Prototypes

A multi-disciplinary approach makes things that don't just look better, but also perform better

Traeger Wifire Application

Span the physical + digital

With a cross-functional, collaborative team, you can address all areas of design in order to create a common visual identity. We incorporate the entire product lifecycle, giving us the ability to shape the most consistent experience.

Data Asset Planning and Value Mapping
System and Information Architecture
GUI Design and Development
User Experience Design
User Interface Design
Tekna Services User Experience Avegant
SEM computer and ipad system

Across all environments

Within digital interface design, we work across all environments – from embedded system design and specification to web and mobile applications.

Desktop and Mobile Applications
IoT Products and Services
Web and eCommerce
Embedded Systems
Hardware and Firmware Integration
Medical Device UI Design
Enterprise Software

Create the connection and extend engagement between people and devices

People connect with products in many ways, which in turn, provides the opportunity to connect back with them. These interactions serve as critical moments to share your desired brand engagement. With the emergence of IoT (Internet of Things), the benefits of connected products range from more data about your customers to real-time, in-field diagnostics /service and reduced costs. Together, we can help shift the conversation from a product portfolio to a connected product ecosystem.